Crystalline glazes are those special ceramic glazes in which crystals actually grow inside the glaze whilst it is still firing (2100F). The crystals start out as microscopic spots in the glaze, called seeds. These seeds form spontaneously in the glaze,in random numbers and location .The glaze is fired normal to melt the glaze, it is then cooled to the crystal growing temperature where the crystals start growing on the seeds. The longer the glaze is held at that temperature(from 6-8 hours), the larger the crystals.

In order for the crystals to grow , the glaze must be very fluid. Because of this,much of the glaze runs off the piece during the firing, hence the need for special catching pots which are made for each piece. After firing these have to be removed from the pots (with difficulty) then the base ground with a diamond wheel.Most potters consider crystalline glazes to be the most difficult and challenging of all glazes to produce, usually twice the price to produce and less than 50% of the pieces can turn out due to poor crystal formation or co lour.

If you have a close look at the pots you can see many different formations of the crystals and layers of colours.

Because each pot is a ONE OFF you cannot order one particular colour or crystal formation this is why I have created the Crystalline shop so that you can see the pot you are buying.